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10 Best Places to Visit in Bijapur In 2022

The city of Bijapur also known as Vijayapura was founded by the Chalukyas between the 10th and 11th centuries. And in this blog, you will see the top 10 best places to visit in Bijapur.

Historical Places To Visit In Bijapur

Bijapur ranks among one of the most popular places to visit in Karnataka and in this blog you will know the reason why it ranks in this list.

Gol Gumbaz


Gol Gumbaz is a mausoleum of Sultan of Bijapur Mohammed Adil Shah it is the second largest dome in the world and is considered the most impressive monument in the world.

The dome is 51 meters high and covers 18,000 square feet of land; Whispering Gallery is the main attraction where even the softest sound can be heard.

Ibrahim Roza

Ibrahim roza historical places to visit in bijapur

Ibrahim Roza is the mausoleum of Sultan Ibrahim Adil Shah II and his beloved Queen.

This Monument is an example of Persian Muslim architecture built on a single slab of rock, it is said that the design of the Taj Mahal was Inspired by Ibrahim Roza.

Jamia Masjid

Jamia masjid Historical Places to visit In Bijapur

Jamia Masjid is the oldest and the largest Masjid in southern India, this masjid was built by Ali Adil Shah I in memory of his victory against Vijayanagar kings.

The masjid is covered in an area of 116,300 square feet and is one of the most amazingly designed masjids in India.

Bijapur Fort

Bijapur Fort

Bijapur Fort is the most important historical monument in the city, it was built during the rule of the Adil Shah Dynasty.

Bijapur Fort is endearingly known as the Agra of South India, it is also known as Vijapura Fort. The fort has different structures inside which were built by rulers of different dynasties over time.

Bara Kaman

Bara Kaman Historical Places to visit In Bijapur

The construction of Bara Kaman was started by Adil Shah II in 1672 and remained unfinished to date.

The structure was supposed to have 12 arches vertically and horizontally surrounding the mausoleum of Sultan Ali and his wives.

The Father of Sultan Adil shah II did not want to lessen the architectural marvel of Gol Gumbaz so he murdered his son and the construction of Bara Kaman was left unfinished. 

Gagan Mahal

Gagan Mahal Bijapur

Gagan Mahal was built by Ali Adil Shah I in 1561. Gagan Mahal means Sky Mahal and is famous for its splendid architectural designs.

The monument is designed with arches and has a large arch in the center that acts as the monument’s entrance. The structure is divided into two, the ground floor has a Darbar or an assembly hall, and the upper floors have rooms and serve as the royal family’s residence. 



Malik-e-Maidan means “Lord of the Battlefield”. This monument has its importance in the history of Bijapur. It has a large cannon mounted on its top which weighs about 55 tons It was placed by Adil Shah II In 1549.

Upli Burj

Upli burj Bijapur

Upli Burj was built by Hyder Khan in the 16th century; it is a watchtower that stands at a height of 24 meters. The watchtower also has two giant cannons placed at the top and offers a panoramic view of the city below.

Saath Kabar

Saath Kabar Bijapur

Saath Kabar means sixty graves and has a very tragic story behind it. It is said that the Army Chief General of Adil Shah II killed his 63 wives in jealousy that they might remarry after his death.

Almatti Dam

Almatti Dam Garden Places to visit In bijapur

Almatti Dam is built on the Krishna River its construction was completed in 2005; the Dam is the main reservoir of the upper Krishna irrigation Project.

The Dam is a perfect one-day picnic spot from Bijapur, it has Mughal Garden, Rock Garden, Japanese Garden Lake, and Musical Fountain.

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