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Hogenakkal Falls – A Place That You Should Visit Near Bangalore

Hogenakkal waterfalls also known as Niagara Falls of India are located on Karnataka – Tamil Nadu border, this waterfall is formed when the Kaveri River enters Tamil Nadu from Karnataka. 

This waterfall is full of natural beauty and the combination of rocks, water and mist makes it more scenic and gives you a visual treat to the eye.

Hogenakkal Falls is a perfect day trip destination from Bangalore at a distance of 135 km, after visiting Hogenakkal falls you will realize how beautiful South India is.

In this blog, I will share my story of Hogenakkal Falls and give you useful tips that you must know before you visit this place.

My Story of Hogenakkal Falls 


My last trip to Ermayi waterfalls was with my friends but this time I decided to go for one day trip with my family and spend some quality time with them.

So as planned we left Bangalore at 6:00 AM had breakfast in a local restaurant somewhere in between the route and reached Hogenakkal Falls at around 11:00 AM.

After reaching the destination initially, I was a little disappointed and thought it’s a bad decision to visit this waterfall because the climate was too hot and the place was overcrowded but the scenic views convinced me later. 

We had to walk several miles to reach the main location. Coracle ride was the first thing we did. We hired 2 coracles and the coracle man that we hired was super cool, he told us some facts about Hogenakkal falls.

 As the coracle ride started I was astonished to see this kind of waterfalls near Bangalore. This trip helped me realize how beautiful South India Is.

Coracle man took us very close to the waterfalls and sometimes the strong current of Kaveri River splashed on us. We also saw some coracle vendors floating around there selling snacks; I would rather call it sailing shops.

After 30 minutes of a coracle ride, we reached the other side of the riverbank, this spot was less crowded when compared to the main spot we were allowed to swim there, after swimming for some time our coracle man took as back.

There is a local market where fisherman sells fresh fishes, we bought some fishes and gave it to the cooking women to make lunch for us. After a long wait, the lunch was ready and it was very tasty thanks to the cooking women. 

After lunch we headed towards the main falls the best thing is it has separate sections for ladies and gents one we had a natural shower under the falls and it was a different experience in itself.

Altogether it was worth visiting Hogenakkal falls and you must also visit.

How to reach Hogenakkal falls from Bangalore?

Hogenakkal falls is an amazing option for a day trip from Bangalore. There are two routes to reach Hogenakkal from Bangalore.

The shorter one is via Electronic City, Attibele, Denkanikottai which covers a distance of 135 km this route is narrow with a fewer toll and saves 20kms.

The popular route is via Hosur, Krishnagiri, and Dharmapuri this route is wider than the national highway, this route covers a distance of 150 km.

You can also reach Hogenakkal falls with public transports or hire a cab or go in your vehicle.

Things to do In Niagara Falls Of India

Coracle Ride: 


You can take a coracle ride in Hogenakkal falls and enjoy rowing in the river in between the giant rocks with waterfalls on both sides.

Coracle might be suspended during the monsoons due to heavy rainfall and the strong current of waterfalls.

Having Fresh fish-based dishes:

Fish-based dishes to try in hogenakkal falls or niagara falls of

If you are a fish lover then this place will excite you more because you can enjoy freshly picked fish-based dishes.

Oil massage:

Oil massage at hogenakkal waterfalls in bangalore

Local men offer an oil massage to tourists for Rs 100, if you want to feel relaxed then you can take this massage.   

Bathing in Natural Shower:

Natural shower in hogenakkal falls

After getting an oil massage you can take bath in the main waterfalls there is a separate place for ladies and gents.

It is advisable to avoid swimming in some areas due to strong currents and slippery rocks underwater.

Best time to visit Hogenakkal

The best time to visit Hogenakkal falls is during the winter from October to February, a day will be pleasant and moderate in winters

In the summers the day will be warm and sunny with a temperature ranging from 23-34 ° if you are visiting here in summer then you might get irritated due to hot weather.

During the monsoon, the day will be pleasant with temperatures ranging from 13-20 ° making it an ideal time to enjoy the scenic beauty but according to locals some places will remain closed due to heavy water flow and strong currents.

Information about Hogenakkal Falls

Distance from Bangalore: There are two routes to reach Hogenakkal 1 will cover a distance of 135 km and another one will cover a distance of 150 km.

Timings: 8:00 Am to 5:30 Pm

Entry Fee: Entry is free but for viewpoint its Rs 10/head

Coracle Fee: Rs 500 – Rs 800 / 5 persons  

Coracle Duration:  3 hours approx.

Swimming and Bathing: Allowed but not advisable at certain places due to strong currents and slippery surfaces.

There are many waterfalls in Bangalore comment your favorite waterfalls near Bangalore

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